Friday, January 19, 2007

round 2

I am a pretty tolerant person, but when it comes to lice… The first time I discovered that I was infested was on a Sunday. No stores were open. My host mother assured me, don’t wory, we will take you to get the exterminating shampoo on Monday morning. I think she saw the horror in my face, and after a few minutes she changed her mind and said, “Actually, let´s see if any of my friends have some in their houses. And don’t worry,” she said, “every child in this city gets lice.” (However, this was the first time for this 25 year old child.)
This morning I found myself going through the delousing ritual again. It has been extremely hot in the last few days. Over 115 degrees F. People say that little creatures procreate at a faster rate in the heat and the smell of my foreign sweat is apparently irresistible. I was more even headed about this second infestation. I calmly canceled my morning plans, went straight to the bathroom, soaked my head in the medicine, and routed out each louse with a fine comb.