Monday, May 07, 2007

Tiago´s mother

My husband has been gone for 15 days now. Yes, I do count the days. Each day is one day less that I have to wait for my husband to come home.

I have had a lot of health problems. I lost two children before I had this one. The doctor said that perhaps my emotions were what made me lose the kids, that often these problems are more psychological than physical.
I moved to this neighborhood after I got married because we could be close to my husband´s sister. His parents passed away when he was young so he doesn’t have too many relatives around here. The farm where my family lives is soooo great. And Jeffereson loves to go there too. I wish I lived there all the time.
Sometimes go to visit my family on weekends. But it is difficult to go because I have to pay someone to sleep in my house or else someone would rob everything. We were already robbed. Someone took the television and all of my new clothes and earings. It must have been a woman. She escaped through the window near my bed.
I am glad you are willing to do this even though my husband was unwilling to have his picture taken with his son. You don’t even know what a grace you are giving me.
We actually do have one picture of my husband on my cell phone. He says look, dad’s inside the cell phone. Jefferson does not understand that he his father is away working.
My husband was was really shy because of the questions you asked him a few months ago when you are doing research. He feels shameful about his work.
Why, I asked, I don’t understand.
I don’t understand either this work is just as good as anyone else’s, she said. And it is good for this city’s economy too. I mean, if we didn’t have sugar cane workers, who would have enough money to buy clothes and things. All of the stores would shut down. And besides, most of this neighborhood goes to work out side the city.
You know this entire neighborhood is full of widows of living husbands.