Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I woke up this morning to the sound of loud voises. something exciting.
I turn over, feeling particularly peaceful. I will stay in bed ten more minutes.
a pear and a few crackers for breakfast,
I looked outside, There were about 30 horses in front of my house.
Emma would you like to mount? Today is the church service for cowboys?
Umm no thanks, I am scared to fall. I prefer my horse with two wheels.
These are the horses from the farm. Oh, didn’t know you had so many.
Yeah there will be about a thousand people on horseback today in the city.
I packed my backpack and put it in the basket of my bike.
Off to the neighborhood, with sun glasses
Just opened an icecream store. Here, try some, we make it here right in the store.
And also why don’t you dance in the square dance with us this Saturday. There is practice tonight. Ok.
I pass by Deborah doing the nails of the old woman next door and drinking a beer.
Emma you work on Saturdays? Do you want a beer? Do you drink?
My child is asleep can you come back later to take her photo? Sure.
Let me play your father’s voice for you.
I noticed that it wasn’t her father’s voice before she did. I still felt really embarrassed.
I will return later today with the correct cd.
Arrived at the house of the two sisters-in-law, whose husbands are both cutting sugar.
Just wait a few minutes while we make ourselves pretty. Emma, I want to show my legs this time.
I sit in their living room, a framed portrait painting of grandparents. A telivision tv globo.
Race cars, the pista, car number two is winning. Cars arrive in the ditch and little men with hlepmets race out to change the wheels.
I want to send one to my mother too. Who lives far away. I am not taking advantage of you am I?
And one alone like this? Just my face?
L, she was with her mom. Her mom quit her job. She was getting home too late at night.
This cat appeared today. All of the others died, so we thought we would take this skinny one in.
Pulled l’s hair tight into a braid. She didn’t even cry. A bright orange dress. One picture with the cat, the other in front of the bush.
Return. Look go to the praça and you will see all the horses from the front
a stampeed of cowboys drinking pinga. Lunch by the pool
Emma you speak like an Indian. me eu. eu me eu me eu. thanks.
Return to the neighborhood. Amabole was taking a bath
You left your lense cap here two weeks ago. It was underneath the covers of the bed.
Glad you kept it for me.
Pass by lu’s house, a man at the bar with bear feat toes completely turned outward. you dont think that´s funny? Everyone having a laugh about him. He didn’t care. he was too drunk.
Burning trash at in n´s front yard. b swinging on the knot that she tied all by herself. a dance party, monica and jeje show up. All six kids bath in glicinias house, she heats the water while the rest of us dance to extremely loud video of a show that was in aracuai a few months ago. i cant dance, my back is killing me. they did the exams at the hospital and then the doctor left before he could anylze the results. i´ll have to go back next week.