Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One of my most significant challenges here is living within these yellow walls. The home and household I live in is very different than the home of an average resident of this town. Most homes have a tank of drinking water that is given to them by the government. I have a swimming pool that collects at least 10 different species of bugs each day. The constant transition between the home within these walls and the world outside is exhausting for me. I spend most of my time visiting homes that do not have enough food to feed everyone and then return to my home that has freezer full of beef that could feed at least 10 families, a domestic worker who insists on ironing my t-shirts, and a satalite television (that doesnt pick up local TV stations). In order to maintain perspective on my life and my purpose here, I rely on the hope that I am doing my best to do something helpful...otherwise this reality would be too much for me.