Thursday, February 15, 2007

Letters from a sugar cane plantation

Hello my esteemed wife. How are you? Everything is good with me. I hope you are well too. Excuse me for the change of subject, Maria, please continue the work on the house. Buy two doors and put one in the back and one for the kitchen. Put the soil in the back too. I am sending 200R. I really want to end work here and leave this place…

October 1999
My unforgetable, dear spouse. Kisses for you. I received your card and felt like a lovesick teenager…I am at this level with love for you. But we must work for security now, for us, and our children.
Alô [“Hello,” One word written in Jose’s handwriting. Jose is illiterate and his friends write for him.]
Hello, my daughter, Leticia. You will receive a box of bonbons as a present from your caring father. And two packets of sweets…I feel much longing for you and my children. This is what it is, my dear. Later we will meet again.

A hug for Leticia
A kiss for Warlie